Revie Rae Arts
Terms of Service

When ordering from Revie Rae Arts, you agree to adhere the following terms, failure to do so will result in cancellation of your order and black list from future commissions.I hold the right to update the TOS as and when required. Outstanding customers will be notified of any changes should this occur during their commission process.


-Payment via PayPal only for online orders. Payment is required within 48 hours of ordering to confirm your slot, unless an alternate payment deadline has been agreed. After this time slots will re-open to other customers in the queue.
(Please note that payment via cryptocurrency on PayPal is not accepted).
-You must be the legal owner of the PayPal account in question, by making payment you agree that you are over 18 years of age and the rightful owner of the account.-Quoted timeframes for completion are effective from time of full payment, not the time of ordering. No work will be undertaken until full payment is received.-Delays to payment or failure to pay with no communication will result in your commission being cancelled. Repeat offences will impact the likelihood of you being accepted for slots in the future and may result in a blacklist.


-Full refunds are available at client's request up to the Sketch stage of a commission. Once this stage has been approved, full/partial refunds will be offered only at the artists discretion dependent on time of cancellation. Refunds are not available once a piece is completed and approved by a client.-I hold the right to cancel commissions at any stage, in which case a full refund will be given. Any additional compensation will only be given at the artist's discretion and is not required.

General Terms

-Please allow at least 2 month for all commissions to be completed. Average turnaround is 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the order. You will receive an ETA upon ordering, but note this is an estimation and all commissions may take up to 2 month as standard.-Updates will be sent on a weekly basis once your commission is started. As I work full time I will not necessarily be able to reply to customer enquires during the day, so please respect that replies may be delayed until evenings and weekends.-If there is a deadline to your commission, you must make me aware of this at the point of ordering and a rush fee of up to 50% may be applied at artist's discretion.-Prices provided are for personal commissions only, please contact me to inquire about commercial or business orders. This includes any situation where my art will be used for profit, advertising & marketing or feature on profitable streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube (see Ownership and Artist’s Rights below for more information).-I will offer up to 3 changes on a piece free of charge after the sketch stage before an additional fee is applied at the artist discretion. Large changes such as requesting a new pose once you have already approved the sketch stage will also result in additional charges. I hold the right to refuse to make amendments once a stage has been approved by yourself, unless this is an artist error i.e an incorrect marking or missing an accessory provided on a ref sheet etc.-If you request art of someone else's character, or a character you do not own then permission/consent from the owner must be provided. You will not receive the requested art if I discover the character is stolen or has been drawn without the owner's permission. In this circumstance, I reserve the right to keep a service charge of up to 50% of the total commission value before any refunds occur to cover my time and expenses.-Do not remove the artist signature from the work. Cropping images for icons / personal use is permitted.-Credit must be given when my artwork is displayed in public areas such as public social media channels, YouTube videos and art hosting websites like DeviantArt and Furaffinity. Failure to credit may result in a copyright claims for removal. Whilst you may own the characters featured, I still retain legal rights to the art piece itself so please respect this and credit if sharing publicly.-I will accept artistic NSFW references (i.e naked ref sheets featuring breasts or genetalia) where no others are available however please provide a comment or tag to inform me before sending NSFW references. Real photos of yourself or other individuals in a NSFW or sexual context will not be accepted and will result in a blacklist. You may be reported to the authorities in extreme cases.-I hold the right to blacklist customers or potential clients who show argumentative, abusive or offensive behaviour towards myself (the artist), another client or other individuals. This also includes if you have several bewares or blacklists against your name already and I am not required to provide details of these sources. Instances of (but not limited to) racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia may also result in a blacklist even if not directed at the artist.

Ownership and Artist’s Rights

-I retain full rights to my artwork, including the right to display commissions in my portfolios and social media pages (please let me know in advance if you’d prefer me not to share them).-The customer may display or print their art for personal use only. Commercial printing for profit is not permitted unless discussed and agreed upon by the artist, and a commercial fee applied.-NFT sales or transactions involving Cryptocurrency are not permitted. This includes using my work in NFT / Crypto projects.-You may not upload my artwork into AI datasets (ie. anime my face tools) which potentially bank these images and use them for profit in AI software. This may be reviewed as ethical AI tools emerge but unless you have paid for full commercial rights, it is the artist’s decision as to which datasets the art is placed in.


I will not draw:
-Pornographic or highly sexual content (tasteful nudity or pin-ups will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
-Self-harm or abuse.
-Detailed gore.
-Other people's personal characters unless you have the owners consent.
-Copyrighted material excluding cosplays or thematic settings, e.g I will draw your character dressed as A Legend of Zelda character, but will not draw pieces solely featuring official characters.
-Offensive content - I will not create content based on offensive memes & imagery which hold alt right, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other offensive tones.
-Explicit language: I may refuse to feature certain terminology in my works if I am uncomfortable with this or believe it allows my work to be used in an offensive manner.